Blogs are the ultimate tools for any marketer or salesperson. Not only do they allow you to speak directly to your potential customers, they are an ah-mazing way to get prospects into your sales funnel. With a little wisdom behind you, your blog can have outstanding results. At Spacelist we believe in this so much that we put together six reasons to prove why you need a CRE blog and how it will be your new favourite tool.

  1. Promote your skills and experience

    With your own blog, you can showcase your unique skillsets and experience. Together with compelling storytelling or even detailed lists of dos and don’ts, your blog becomes a way for potential customers to get to know you and start to visualize working with you. Share your expertise on specific topics or industries, and then share and re-share. An added benefit to blogs is that they are easily repurposed and can be evergreen content.  So if one day your social media is looking sparse, re-share an old blog!

  2. Provide resources for your customers

    Are there certain topics you find you have to repeatedly cover with your clients? Why not use your blog as a library of top topics you can reference or refer to in order to avoid feeling like you’ve become a broken record? You can link these resources to your emails or newsletters, et voila! You’re no longer a broken record. #workingsmarternotharder

  3. Virtual portfolio of your success

    Highlight your wins! Walk your readers through how you navigated a complex sale or your process for providing your clients with an amazing experience. And blogs with visuals have a higher attraction (and retention) rate than blogs without visuals (source), so share some images of your sales. Or, if you’re highlighting an active listing, link them back to your Spacelist listing. This is a form of humble bragging that prospects appreciate.

  4. Drive traffic to your website and SEO

    Blogging doesn’t need to become another part-time job but does require a bit of consistency for its value to be realized. According to TechJury, “adding a blog to your existing website can increase traffic by as much as 434%.” (source). True story. So with minimal effort, you can help to funnel people to your website and your listings (if you use Spacelist’s Engine).

  5. Repurpose content for your social media.

    Do you ever find yourself wondering what the heck to post on your social channels? Having a blog can help to eliminate these moments of panic. Repurpose quotes, lists and more for your social media. Don’t forget to link back to your blog and earn that traffic.

  6. It’s a great ‘top of funnel’.

    As was demonstrated in a previous point, a blog is an excellent way to hook potential customers and reel them into your website. Fishing analogies aside, offering valuable content to your audience helps to establish trust and your brand.

*Pro tip: use a tool like Grammarly to help you avoid grammatical errors and sound like your most professional self. 

You need a CRE blog

Not only will a blog work for you behind the scenes, but it will also allow you to market, prospect and sell more effectively. So, the moral of the story, a blog will help you crush your prospecting and sales goals. A blog will also make your job easier by providing you with repeatable resources for your clients. In summary, there are so many great reasons why you need a CRE blog.