New Lead Management Features Released

We’ve released several new features to help you better manage your leads, both on Spacelist and the CRM of your choice.

Updates include:

  • Export: Export a filtered group of Leads to a CSV file that can easily be opened in Excel, Numbers, Sheets or any other spreadsheets program. Pro users will be able to export the Leads complete profile.
  • Events: Add events (i.e called, touring, negotiated), along with the date and any notes you’d like to include to Leads, and view the Event history in the Lead details panel.
  • Search Filters: Search by Lead name, as well as by Event types (i.e. Called, etc).
  • Columns: Includes Latest Inquiry and when you first Connected.

We’ve updated our Support Documentation if you’d like to learn more about the new lead management features.

Coming Soon: Listing Performance & Market Analytics

We’re very excited to be releasing additional listing performance/stats for your listings, as well as our market analytics product.  We also now have our latest and greatest tenant rep advertising program live, and coming soon new search tools and an updated map interface.