Tenant Rep Advertising Program

New Features and Updates

Say hello to your new Tenant Rep Dashboard!

We’re excited to release the next phase of our Tenant Rep Advertising program, which includes the following updates and features.

TR Dashboard: Everything you need is on one simple to use dashboard (Menu > Tenant Rep Dashboard). This is where you’ll create/update your targeting, as well as set your budget and view your ad’s analytics.

Max Budget: Set your max budget and you’ll only be advertised until your max budget is reached.

Targeting Groups: Create up to 3 unique targeting groups. This is especially useful for targeting tenants for different property types and areas.

Analytics: Impressions and clicks for the current month (top left) are available, as well as an interactive chart (top right) that has the ability to view performance for a specific date range.

Simplified Billing: We’ve automated invoices and monthly billing directly to your CC.

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