Are you using these marketing tactics?

The word ‘marketing’ might be enough to send some of you into a cold sweat. It conjures images of managing billboards, bench ads and a dark void of unknowns and intangibles. We’re here to demystify marketing for you with a few tools and tactics that can transform this elusive beast into a tame kitten named Success.  

We are going to break down marketing tactics that anyone can implement. All you need to do is absorb and get excited about transforming your marketing efforts, one step at a time.

Start with a plan:

If you think about it, all good heists start with a detailed plan. The kind of planning where the heisters sit in a dark room with a large map and meticulously plan out each step, considering all angles and anticipating the actions of those involved. Your marketing efforts should start in a similar way (darkroom optional). You are planning the ultimate ‘heist’ of your potential client’s time and business. Analogies aside, your marketing requires some thought and planning. Just closing your eyes and throwing some bench or Facebook ads out there will get the results you plan for…undefined and ambiguous success. We’ll talk more about defining goals in point two.

Take time each month to plan out your marketing efforts. Look at the big picture; consider your clients’ journey to you and what communications you have throughout their client life cycle. This will help you to contextualize your efforts.

Know your client: 

When you understand your clients on a deep level, you can transform your communication efforts. Suppose your audience is coffee shop owners that likely have little understanding of the CRE industry. In that case, your messaging will be significantly different than if you are speaking to CRE colleagues. Differentiate your audience to provide more targeted messaging. To do this, you can research your target audience’s demographic information and begin to understand their likes, dislikes and what motivates them. Once you have this information crystal clear, ensure you have it top of mind when creating your content. Remember, you aren’t making the content for yourself; you’re creating it for your target audience. Pro Tip: Apply this concept to your Spacelist listings. 

Define your goals:

Your goals need to be clear and SMART. If they are undefined or unclear, you will have a more challenging time hitting them. So be specific about what you want to achieve. 

You’ll hear “you measure what you treasure ” in the marketing world. Hence, measure those interactions if you value how many people visit your website, your listings, or even view your posts. Once you establish a baseline, you can move the needle upward. It takes a bit of a scientist’s mindset to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. A beautiful way to explore this is with A/B testing and Facebook’s company pages now give you access to Meta Business which has a few excellent measuring tools baked into it. Check them out.

Try something new:

You might be on LinkedIn or Facebook but using them for personal reasons. These platforms are excellent FREE marketing tools. You can get started quickly and easily. Or maybe consider a monthly newsletter or writing a blog showcasing your listings. You can easily link to your Spacelist properties or have them link to your website using our Engine. These efforts can effectively get people interested in working with you and landing them on your website. 

In summary:

Marketing is a science. It is a process of making hypotheses, testing them, and then trial and error. Your marketing efforts will result in successes and failures, and both will provide valuable learning opportunities. No matter what marketing tactics you use, approach them like a scientist, with curiosity.

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