This week we have a few new features and improvements to tell you about. First, and possibly the most anticipated, we launched our new Shortlists features that you’ve all been waiting for, as well as selectable search units, and lease service type options for listings.

Shortlists: Editable, Printable, Downloadable

Shortlists can now be edited, printed, and Pro’s can download a CSV of the listing details. You can add up to 100 listings per shortlist, and Pro users can have an unlimited number of shortlists. You can view your shortlist by going to Menu > Shortlists.

Selectable Units in Search

This is a small change but can make a big difference in how you search for listings. Lease listings can be added with Base/Add’l Rent with the gross being calculated based on the size, or a monthly Gross can be entered. The listing can be searched either by sf/yr or by the monthly lease rate (gross).

Lease Service Type

To continue to improve the depth of our lease listing data, and to best represent lease listing details, we now have a ‘service type’ field where you can enter the lease type. If it’s negotiable or not yet determined, there are options to choose to display as such.

Teaser: Data Sharing Initiative

Besides a few awesome partnerships being announced in the coming weeks, we’re excited about getting ready to share our ‘Data Sharing Initiative’ that we hope will bring more transparency to the market, providing easier access to available listing data, and also create an extremely accurate aggregated database of the most up to date commercial listings – stay tuned!