January Broker Spotlight:

Rodica Iliescu has more than a decade and a half of Commercial Real Estate market knowledge and experience. Rodica and her team of commercial agents have overseen numerous successful closed deals. Her expertise is in Downtown Core Toronto and GTA of retail and office corridors. Rodica and her team’s mission whether you are an investor, a Seller, a Buyer, or a renter, you’ll be benefiting from her wealth of knowledge in the area of Leasing, Acquisition, Selling, Management and Consulting Commercial Real Estate, Retail, Office, Industrial, and Multiplex. Rodica’s clients are encouraged to actively engage in the transaction process. They become part of the team to achieve the best results financially and professionally for the benefit of the client. Rodica’s clients range from small to large portfolios. She and her team’s mission is to navigate her clients through the commercial real estate market with unparalleled confidence and knowledge.

Q&A WITH Rodica

What do you like best about Spacelist, or how has Spacelist helped your business?

I love Spacelist. The platform is great for Commercial Real Estate. Whether you are a real estate agent, buyer, seller or renter, it serves the industry very well and is easy to work with. I love how simple it is to navigate and that it attracts prospective buyers. 

What are the core aspects of your lead generation strategy?

The core aspect of my lead generation stems from Spacelist because of the quality of the leads, which are quite high in accuracy. Especially during the pandemic, finding quality leads was essential, and Spacelist helped us get potential tenants looking for spaces to lease. Spacelist is quite well known in the Commercial Real Estate Industry, which helps to attract both buyers and sellers in the industry. I’ve even had interest from tenants moving their business to Canada through Spacelist! 

Tell us about a pivotal moment in your career? Why was it important for you?

The pivotal moment in my career was becoming a dedicated commercial broker, which changed my life. I became energized and driven in my work; I love what I do from the bottom of my heart. I love the commercial real estate industry and can specialize in areas like retail and office; although industrial is not my expertise, I can still do it.

How has the industry changed since you started?

The industry has become more digital and internet-driven. Because of this, the information is more accessible and client-friendly. Customers and clients are more focused on searching the internet before contacting you. They are educated. As a result, I get many engaged leads from Spacelist because it is so client-friendly and user-oriented.

What are the biggest revenue opportunities you are seeing in CRE today?

The market is changing, as is the design of the mortgage, which is challenging for all of us. Interest rates are skyrocketing, and we are still determining if they will go higher. As a result, future decades may have unique opportunities with another recession. The prices will slightly decline in the next few months, so there will be gains in Commercial Real Estate, but not for the sellers, unfortunately. Then you can have an opportunity to acquire this kind of real estate assets that we’re now in need of. Even with tenants, the mortgage cannot be paid because the rents are insufficient. There are other opportunities to engage and purchase properties now. Unfortunately, the seller is different because they will lose some equity.

What has been your biggest career win? What did you learn from it?

Successfully closing larger deals, some of which I did through Spacelist. I collaborated with other agents to sell large property downtown. I learned that collaboration is everything and that you must constantly look or at least have an auto search that sends you listings. I know, as a result, that with perseverance, professionalism and teamwork, everything is possible. Also, extensive diligence, homework and knowledge make this job easier.

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