Talha Niazi Broker Spotlight

Meet Talha Niazi

As a retail enthusiast and ever-evolving entrepreneur, Talha has a highly successful track record in both representing retail tenants and implementing aggressive expansion mandates. Talha combines local and regional expertise, and a consistent focus on details, with his powerful, CAN DO attitude. Talha has a results-driven mindset that his loyal clients have come to appreciate and expect. With effective representation, Talha’s market intelligence and strong regional relationships have shown to be effective at achieving his client’s goals.

Q&A WITH Talha

“When it comes to Commercial real estate and SEO, it is much easier to rank for because 90% of the population is still stuck in the 90s. People are still talking about Rolodexes. The Residential industry is cutthroat. You need an army to help you rank in residential! But in the commercial industry, it’s not that difficult. When it comes to marketing and having an online presence for commercial real estate, we are about 10 to 15 years behind the residential marketing industry. “

What are the most successful aspects of your lead generation strategy?

Spacelist has been super pivotal for me simply because of the low cost of the Pro version and the type of leads that come through. Comparing Spacelist to other market leaders in the space and the kind of service they provide, the number of leads that come through (and the quality of leads!) Spacelist is unparalleled, especially in the Calgary market.

Using social media as a broadcasting tool greatly amplifies marketing efforts. I feel that each social platform caters to a different category of people, whether landlord or tenant. Both groups are leveraging their reach on social, so it only makes sense that it is not only present but active on the various platforms is a must in 2022 and beyond.

A good digital presence can make or break a young business, and it can drive the success of any business, no matter the age or size. Today, social media is no longer just about building community and brand recognition; it is about making a sale. According to a TikTok study released earlier this year, many users begin their path to purchase on social platforms, and 35% of TikTok users buy something they see on the platform.

What are the biggest revenue opportunities you are seeing in CRE today?

In today’s world, being part of the CRE community is an opportunity to be part of many special experiences with many different audiences. In my opinion, the biggest revenue opportunity would be elevating local business landlords to right-size their portfolios.

Tell us about your most significant learning moment in the industry so far:

I took on the mandate of leasing out the RECA building, the main floor retail podium, when it was 100% vacant, as a brand-new building where other firms were unsuccessful. I continued to Aggressively market the opportunity and strategize with the landlord and the key decision-makers to implement an out-of-the-box strategy contrary to the standard of placing a sign and waiting for a tenant to drive by and call to say “ ill take it “. We were able to completely lease the vacant retail podium during the COVID-19 outbreak.

What strategies have you used to establish yourself as a trusted CRE professional?

1. Noticing that businesses and the people behind them deserved better service and an evolving, tailored approach to maximize returns and success.

2. Understanding my acumen and, moreover, enthusiasm for retail and commercial real estate left few better qualified, to deliver this type of trusted, tailored, tenacious support.

What do you think the CRE industry in Canada needs right now?

The CRE industry in Canada is still evolving compared to the states. At this moment, I feel the industry as a whole could benefit from a unified platform that would grant access to professional weather Landlords, tenants or brokers with up-to-date critical data so that their next decision is based on up-to-date and current market trends.

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