Canada Day is behind us and the summer is in full swing, as are the updates and improvements to Spacelist! This week’s updates include two new exciting partners, Piinpoint and Rentsync, as well as a highlight on our Teams feature.

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Piinpoint Site Selection Reports
PiinPoint is a fast, intuitive, and affordable platform to help real estate professionals and businesses find the best locations for expansion. PiinPoint delivers powerful location insights in seconds, so you can make crucial real estate decisions with ease and confidence. You can find Piinpoint sections in every Spacelist listing.

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Rentsync: Our Latest Data Feed Partner
Please welcome our latest data syndication partner, Rentsync! We are their first commercial-only partner, and we’re excited to be working with such a stellar team. Listings managed on Rentsync will be automatically added and updated on Spacelist.

Spacelist Teams: What you need to know
Teams allow you to assign permissions to individual team members. These include team administration, listing management, and accessing leads. No limit on the number of team members…and it’s 100% FREE!


While a lot has changed at Spacelist over the last year, one thing has not changed – it’s still free! In fact, many of our previously paid add-ons are now free – such as account admins (now part of Teams), and access to our Click-to-Call feature.

We have more exciting updates in the coming weeks, from new reporting tools, to new data feed partners, and of course more improvements and new features!

As always, if you have feedback for new features/updates/changes or reporting the occasional bug, please email us at

The Spacelist Team