Heat waves are in full force and we’re hoping you’re staying cool and hydrating this week! We have some important feature updates to tell you about that should save you time and improve your listing and lead management experience.

Click-2-call…your new best friend!

Seamlessly working in the background, Click-2-call is a fantastic tool that helps generate leads even if you miss a call! When a call is placed we track which listings your leads are calling from. You can view your leads by going to Menu > Leads. Pro subscribers benefit by being able to access their full tenant profile. 

Drag-n-Drop to Reorder Uploads 

We’ve added the ability for you to drag your photos, floorplans , and brochures to reorder them however you’d like them to appear on your listing. 

Custom Floorplan/Brochure Display Names 

Floorplans and Brochures can now have custom display names. Edit a listing, go to Uploads, find the brochure or floorplan you’d like to edit and enter the filename you’d like to have it displayed as.

Share Brochures and Floorplans between listings at the same property by selecting “Property” from the dropdown on the file – same as photos.