This is the first of many updates that we’re planning to post highlighting the latest news, features, and updates on Spacelist that are helpful to you, the real estate professional.

Multiple Property Types
We’ve updated our listing editor to allow you to add up to 3 property types for an individual listing. For properties that are zoned for multiple uses, now you can have your listing appear in search results for multiple property types.


New Data Feed Partner
We’d like to welcome our latest syndication partner, Domum Link, offering an all-in-one solution for property management via their feature packed platform. Listings managed on Domum Link can now be automatically added and updated on Spacelist.

Optimizations and Improvements
Thank you to everyone who has provided all the great feedback since we launched the new Spacelist. We’ve made dozens of optimizations and improvements this week alone based on your feedback – from new listing editing tools to improved mobile optimization.

We have more great enhancements launching in the coming weeks, including new shortlist functionality, shared Brochures/Floorplans, advanced filters, and much more!

If you have feedback for new features/updates/changes or reporting the occasional bug, please email us – thanks in advance!