New Spacelist Engine Features Released

If you want to update your website with a simple to use sophisticated Listing Manager (installs in seconds) or if you’re already benefiting from Spacelist Engine (included w/Pro), we’re excited to release a number of new features to help you better configure and manage your listings with Spacelist Engine.

Updates include:

  • Property Types: Great if you want sections of your site dedicated to single property types by default (i.e. one page for retail and one for office).
  • Default Units: Choose to default listings to be displayed as $/sf/yr or Monthly.
  • Gross or Base: Display lease rates as Gross or Base rent.
  • Sold/Leased: Optionally include listings you’ve marketed as Leased/Sold.
  • Multiple Teams: If you have multiple offices/teams you can now display listings from them all in one Engine – please contact us to learn more.

Coming Soon: DeepLinking!

We’ll soon be releasing ‘deeplinking’ for Engines! This means when you share or link to listings from Spacelist Engine on your website they’ll be able to be opened directly within your site. This is great for linking ads to individual listings, or linking from other parts of your website (featured listings, etc).