Happy summer, everyone! It’s been a couple weeks since the last update, but don’t worry, we’ve been very busy working on improved search tools to better assist with the more advanced needs of real estate professionals.

Selectable Display Units
While the majority of our users are tenants that prefer to search by monthly rates, we understand that real estate pro’s would rather search by $/sf/yr. We now have that option available to toggle between displaying lease rates as a monthly or $/sf/yr rate.

New Advanced Filters!
We’ve enhanced our search filters with additional options, including lease rate unit, listing agent, brokerage, investment properties, and businesses for sale. These are all located under the new “More filters” option in the search filter bar.

Pro Tip of the week – Spaces of Interest
When viewing a Lead, Pro users can access “Spaces of Interest,” providing insights into their search activity. This is very useful in understanding their needs and what types of properties they may be interested in.

Optimizations and Improvements
Thank you again to everyone who has continued to provide all the great feedback since we launched the new Spacelist. Every week we’re refining our platform to offer the best tools for the real estate industry, while providing the best experience and service to the tens of thousands of tenants that visit Spacelist each month across Canada looking for space for their new and expanding businesses.

The next update will include more improvements, an overview of how Teams work, as well as some exciting new integration partners!

If you have feedback for new features/updates/changes or reporting the occasional bug, please email us at support@spacelist.ca.