Meet Tyler Weiman

Tyler joined the Royal Park Realty firm in 2017, after a successful 14-year professional hockey career which saw him have extended travels in North America, Europe and Asia. His high level of professionalism, dedication to excellence and attention to detail is a top priority for his clients while helping them achieve their business goals.

As a partner of Royal Park Realty, he brings knowledge, enthusiasm, and a desire to attain the best results for property owners and users. Tyler works to be a valuable asset to his clients by understanding their needs and developing long-lasting relationships.

Q&A WITH Tyler

What are the biggest revenue opportunities you are seeing in CRE today?

Over the last year, there has been an influx of BC and Ontario groups acquiring real estate in Alberta. With the abundance of land, our Edmonton region has approximately 11,000 acres of developable industrial space. The Edmonton region has two of the world’s six largest industrial parks. Whether groups are looking to lease or purchase, plenty of options exist.

What has been your biggest learning moment in the industry so far?

Surrounding yourself with other professionals will help expand your knowledge and provide your clients with valuable resources to expedite their specific needs. Some professionals include departments within each municipality, accountants, architects, appraisers, building inspectors, contractors, commercial financing/lenders, consultants, designers, electricians, engineers, insurance agents, lawyers, plumbers, sign companies, site assessors and surveyors.

What are the toughest technological challenges in the industry you are seeing?

Current facts/data. Some brokerages have their own analytic departments that track inventory, lease rates, vacancies, etc. Providing up-to-date data is vital for clients and transactions. We rely on accurate sales data, but land titles remain months behind for current reports.

What was the best piece of advice you have been given?

Edmonton is a small market, and I’d rather do (repeat) deals with others rather than burn bridges for short-term rewards. Long-term thinking, relationship-based, stay the course and the results will speak for themself.

What technologies should brokerages be investing in right now?

Every brokerage is different based on the company’s scale and what they see as valuable. Each professional (agent) observes the benefits when deciding if it’s worth it for them. Some types of real estate technology to consider are analytics and data management, transaction management software (storage, eSignatures), lead management systems, AI/Chat GPT and CRM tools.

What are some tactics you’ve used to establish yourself as a trusted CRE professional?

I wouldn’t call them tactics; rather than simply being yourself and having everyday reminders/goals. Earning client’s trust by speaking the truth, providing insights (up to date on the market), updates/feedback and delivering results. Determination, execution, grind, grit, hustle, perseverance, persistence and sacrifice can lead you to success.

How do you qualify potential tenant leads?

Asking specific questions about their business and the property they are inquiring about. This helps guide groups who require direction and eliminates wasting time.

What has been your biggest career win? What did you learn from it?

Becoming a partner at Royal Park Realty Corporation. Continuing to expand my knowledge, setting goals and attaining them through hard work, positivity and trusting the process. Understanding my client’s needs and providing results, not promises.

What do you like best about Spacelist or how has Spacelist helped your business?

Easy to use and navigate for groups looking to purchase or lease based on their business requirements. Spacelist provides exposure for listings and puts them in contact with real estate professionals. Direct communication and shared information are valuable to both parties.

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