Over 17 Years in Business Providing Excellence

Founded in 2004 by Mohamad Zeitoun, Avenue Tire Depot has grown to be one of Ottawa’s top providers of quality parts and workmanship. Avenue Tire Depot continuously explores ways to expand its network of associates, distributors, and contacts in order to provide the best products to its customers. They vow to provide a service that meets and surpasses your expectations.

At Avenue Tire Depot you get honest service at a fair price. Avenue Tire Depot constantly acquires new tools and equipment to minimize the total work time. You can be confident that your vehicle will be ready when expected and that it will return to you in a better state than when you brought it to them.


Meeting the Needs of Customers Immediately

Establishing warehouses that contain inventory worth millions of dollars to meet the needs and desires of customers immediately creates a challenge and requires additional funds to support those growing needs.

“Except for banks Merchant Growth was the best alternative funding company in the market In regards to customer service and rates.”

“Dealing with companies like Merchant Growth made us benefit from many opportunities, even if the cost compared to the bank was more, the financing was quick and easy to receive”

Mohamad Zeitoun, Owner – Avenue Tire Depot


Quick Financing to Meet Customer Demands

Avenue Tire Depot approached Merchant Growth after not being able to get traditional financing. Our Loan Advisors quickly understood the business, having worked with hundreds of small businesses within the same industry. To that end, Merchant Growth got Avenue Tire Depot a quote within the same day and funded the same week.

Merchant Growth is proud to not bring in the stress that traditional financing does.  They help small businesses grow and have processes in place to reduce friction as best they can.


An Increase of Inventory

As a result, Merchant Growth was able to get Avenue Tire Depot the funds it needed to get caught up on purchase orders and increase inventory. Merchant Growth is proud to continue to push towards our mission of bringing business owners the most convenient and accessible financing experience.

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