Contrary to popular belief, the most challenging time for entrepreneurs is not during the initial stages of starting a business but rather when scaling for growth.

A startup can often recover from initial mistakes, and the hard work of a dedicated few can make up for certain deficiencies. Once growth begins to accelerate, entrepreneurs are pressured to secure funding that needs proper planning. This is especially true for startups and smaller companies that might not have done their due diligence when planning their financing for an expansion.

This blog covers: what scaling means and what parts of your business it affects most, when is the right time to scale, and the financing solutions that can help you scale as efficiently as possible.

What Does Scaling Mean Exactly?

Scaling a business is converting it from a small entity to one that can viably compete in a larger market. Your business’s three primary areas are product, marketing, and operations.

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Scaling a business requires increasing the production of your product in a manner that is efficient, cost-effective and predictable. So scalability is determined by establishing repeatable processes that maximize productivity while maintaining the quality your customer base has expected.


Creating a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy is integral to achieving success. A smart infrastructure allows for more product visibility and higher profits, which is crucial as you invest more money into your company and scaling increases your costs.

When it comes to marketing spend, a major pitfall is simply increasing spend without an actual plan in mind. As your marketing spending increases, monitor the results and regularly adjust and expand your strategy. Don’t assume that spending more money will automatically yield proportional results at a higher scale.


A strong operational strategy, particularly for your finance department, is essential for your scaling success. You and/or your team should analyze and consider various factors: operational costs, customer acquisition costs, your markup, actual customer demand, current processes and your financial reporting. Factoring in all of these elements helps you decide what types of funding are most suited to your business and where the funds should be allocated.

Is it the Right Time To Scale Your Business?

Deciding when to scale up a startup or a small business is critical. Scaling too early can result in cash flow issues and operational challenges while scaling too late can result in missed opportunities and increased competition.

The right timing for scaling depends on several factors: the company’s financial stability, the strength of your product or service offering, and the level of market demand.
One of the key indicators of the right time to scale is when your company has achieved consistent and profitable growth. This shows that your product or service has been well received and that there is a sustainable demand for it.

A strong financial foundation, stable revenue streams, a positive cash flow, and enough reserves will support the increased expenses that come with scaling.

Finally, it’s important to assess the competitive landscape. If there is a great demand for the product or service, it may be the right time to scale up. However, if the market is becoming crowded and competitive, it may be wise to wait or consider alternative strategies.

Funding Options For Scaling Up

Here are the main funding options your company’s finance function can consider for raising money to scale your business.

Venture Capitalist

Venture capitalist (VC) funding can be a valuable source of investment for scaling up a small business. VCs provide financial support, business expertise and industry connections. However, VC funding often comes with expectations of high returns and potentially significant ownership stakes in the company. It’s important to carefully evaluate whether this type of funding aligns with your business goals and company culture before pursuing it as an option.

Angel Investors

Angel investors can be a great way to fund growth. These individual investors are typically high-net-worth individuals looking to invest in promising startups and emerging businesses. Angel investors can provide funding, advice, and valuable industry connections to help your business grow. Unlike VCs, they often invest smaller amounts and are more flexible with the terms of their investment. However, angel investors often expect an ownership stake in your company and significant returns in exchange for their investment.

Grants and Subsidies

The Government of Canada offers a variety of grants and subsidies to support small business growth and development to businesses that meet certain eligibility criteria: creating jobs, developing new technologies, or contributing to economic growth. The application process can be time consuming and competitive.

Business Line of Credit

line of credit for small businesses can be a flexible and useful option for funding a scale-up by providing access to a set amount of funds that can be drawn upon as needed. Usually, with lower interest rates than credit cards, you are only required to pay interest on the amount you have used. A benefit for businesses that need to manage cash flow fluctuations or invest in short-term growth.

With Merchant Growth, you can access a business line of credit in as little as 24 hours! Allowing you to quickly put your scale-up business plan into action and seize growth opportunities as they present themselves.

Fixed Financing

Companies looking to scale should also consider a fixed financing solution. Fixed financing can be a predictable and reliable solution for funding growth because it offers a stable interest rate and set repayment terms. The stability of fixed financing allows your finance teams to produce accurate financial data and projections.

Merchant Growth offers fixed financing with minimal eligibility requirements, an important consideration for businesses just starting to gain their footing in the marketplace.

Merchant Growth Can Help Take Your Business to the Next Level

Scaling is a watershed moment for many small companies. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your business is ready to scale and that you choose the right funding option. With simple and tailored financing solutions, Merchant Growth can help you access the funds your business needs to scale up in a way that is both stable and flexible.

For more information on our diverse financing options, contact Merchant Growth to be connected with a dedicated financing advisor. They’re prepared to offer you the most user-friendly and convenient financing experience as we provide your business with the needed assistance.

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Businesses across Canada trust Merchant Growth.
Get financing in as little as 24 hours.