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Shah Brothers grocery store believes food connects people with memories and culture, particularly when living in another country. Based out of Prince George, British Columbia, they sell a wide array of specialty Indian/Sub-continental goods and beauty products, providing a taste of home and familiarity for the growing sub-continent immigrant community in the area.

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Traditional Funding Has Rigid Requirements

A great reason to seek out financing is business expansion. Unfortunately, conventional financing has many more requirements and strict criteria to qualify, plus the time it takes to be approved for financing may mean putting those expansion dreams on hold.

Shah Brothers wanted to expand its convenience store to a more specialized Indian grocer. This meant they needed to purchase more inventory.


Ability to Purchase Inventory Meant Tapping to A New Area

Funding from Merchant Growth allowed them to capitalize on their existing business success. They were able to purchase the necessary inventory to finally make the transition to a specialized grocer. The result was mutually beneficial for the business and its community.


Continued Business Growth and Future Planning

After this business shift amidst the many global challenges, the Merchant Growth financing helped Shah Brothers take the next step in their business plan.

Merchant Growth believes that repeat business is one of the best compliments. It means that not only did a business trust them to help with their funding needs, but they were so satisfied with the experience that they didn’t hesitate to work with them again. Ultimately for Shah Brothers, getting financing meant planning for their business future. Through expansion and more available cash flow, they could also consider their longer-term financial goals, such as investing in an RRSP.

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