Merchant Growth: Shah Brothers

Background A Business Looking to Take the Next Step Shah Brothers grocery store believes food connects people with memories and culture, particularly when living in another country. Based out of Prince George, British Columbia, they sell a wide array of specialty Indian/Sub-continental goods and beauty products, providing a taste of home and familiarity for the […]

Merchant Growth: Funding for Scaling a Business

Contrary to popular belief, the most challenging time for entrepreneurs is not during the initial stages of starting a business but rather when scaling for growth. A startup can often recover from initial mistakes, and the hard work of a dedicated few can make up for certain deficiencies. Once growth begins to accelerate, entrepreneurs are […]

Merchant Growth: Master Mechanic

Background Quality Auto Repair and Long Lasting Relationships Master Mechanic is a Canadian-controlled private corporation, established in 1982 as a franchisor in the after-market automotive repair and maintenance business. With 39 franchise locations throughout Southern Ontario, the firm has a strong reputation for high-quality auto repair and regular vehicle maintenance. Master Mechanic is dedicated to […]

Merchant Growth: Avenue Tire Depot

Background Over 17 Years in Business Providing Excellence Founded in 2004 by Mohamad Zeitoun, Avenue Tire Depot has grown to be one of Ottawa’s top providers of quality parts and workmanship. Avenue Tire Depot continuously explores ways to expand its network of associates, distributors, and contacts in order to provide the best products to its […]