The future of your business could be brighter than you thought

Make a Plan and Prepare with Confidence

Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, businesses will be fully operational again. Maybe not next week or next month, but we’ve been through tough times before and we’ll get through this too. Now is the time to prepare for the brightest possible future for our businesses. 

It’s clearer than ever that one of the keys to business continuity is peace-of-mind. Productivity shrinks when employees are worried that their work environment is unsafe. Worse still is the impact that can have on our customers and community relationships. Health and safety is vital to maintaining business operations, and we all must do our best to keep everyone safe. 

In the future, we’ll all need to adapt and adopt new ways of operating our businesses. But you don’t have to do this alone, and these changes don’t have to be expensive or require a monumental restructuring of your operations. Innovative technologies already exist to help you achieve these goals and share progress with your employees, customers, and other stakeholders. 

Technology can help us figure out what we should be cleaning, how to clean it and help us keep track for us when the cleaning is done so we can maintain operations and keep each other safe. That’s what Common Areas does best. Their solution simplifies and streamlines these processes, so your staff and customers know you’re taking the necessary steps to keep them safe.

Follow Best Practices for Re-Opening and On-Going Operations

In this evolving time, it’s important to inform your employees, customers, and clients of the solutions you have in place to keep everyone safe. This doesn’t have to be a monumental task and can easily be accomplished by taking a step-by-step approach.  

First, determine the appropriate preventative measures to take for your business. Most of this is pretty common sense. It’s also nicely laid out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Centers for Disease Control in the United States and Public Health Authorities in Canada. These groups have all released guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting in offices and businesses.  

Business leaders must be able to assign and track new routine cleaning measures to make sure that they’re completed properly.  As the saying goes “what gets measured, gets met.” You should be able to access well-documented records of cleaning processes so you can reassure both your team and customers that their safety is your top priority. 

While we might not have been ready for work to change like this, we do have resources to help us handle this moment. In tandem with these recommended practices, Common Areas has preconfigured its web-based operating software with industry-specific health and safety action plans. Common Areas is also waiving the implementation, training fees and providing three months of free membership to their system for a limited time. 

What Can A Health and Safety Action Plan System Do?

To properly keep people safe and healthy, an action plan system should do three main things. First, it should help you simplify the assignment and tracking of the ground-level tasks to make sure the work is being done right and on schedule at each of your locations. Then, it should provide high-level visibility and clarity across all of your locations with the real-time reporting you need to mitigate issues and make data-driven decisions for your teams. Finally, it should help provide reassurance through reports to share with your staff and customers, backed by evidence that their health and safety are being protected. 

Common Areas has made action plan templates that match what health authorities say business should focus on cleaning and preparing right now. You can pick one or more plans that fit your retail, office, general property management or multifamily business focus. Implementation and training are easy and can happen as early as the same day. 

When you’re ready, assign action plan inspections and checklists across your organization, prioritize the next steps according to latest recommendations, and reassure employees and clients as you work to resume your normal business operations while keeping everyone safe.

It’s as easy as that.

The World Health Organization has urged business owners to share information and best practices with each other. That’s why Common Areas is trying to do their part to share what they know. They care about the safety and productivity of businesses, and want their solution to make it more manageable to operate with safety, health, and peace of mind for the future. 

Want to learn more about Common Area’s actionable tools for ensuring health and safety while maintaining business operations?