A well-crafted image can create an emotional response, and as sales professionals, isn’t that what we want? The arena of commercial real estate is no different. At the end of the day, you are working with human beings who are wired to feel. Why not use this powerful sense to help you in the sales process? Professional-looking photos will power up your listings.

Pro Photos Power Up Listings:

Crisp professional imagery allows your prospect to envision themselves in your space. And the returns on that investment can be impressive. One study found that houses with high-quality photos sold 32% faster which can often lead to a higher sale price (source). Undoubtedly this statistic translates to the commercial space as well. In today’s hyper-visual world we rely heavily on imagery to give us the information we need. So adding some professionalism to your imagery will only assist you in your selling efforts.  

A professional photographer will not only come equipped with quality camera gear, but all will use their technical knowledge to compose shots to highlight your listing. The art of commercial photography comes down to understanding how to put a space in the best light (literally and figuratively). From staging to angles and lighting, a professional will look at the space like a puzzle and solve it quickly. 

Professional Photos Help to Power Up Your Listings

Go Your Own Way:

However, if you decide to go the DIY route, commercial real estate (CRE) photography doesn’t have to be complicated. We recommend investing in a DSLR with a wide-angle lens and a tripod to capture your spaces. This ‘setup’ will give you higher quality images than with a smartphone and give the post-production capabilities such as brightening up a space.  With Youtube and sites like Coursera, there are countless resources available to get the basics and start to create a powerful first impression. 

Here are 5 things to remember when you are photographing a space yourself:

  1. Aim for clear spaces
  2. Defused lighting or shoot during ‘golden hour’
  3. A tripod will help to give you crisp shots
  4. Try our different  angles
  5. Keep the rule of thirds in mind

Hiring a CRE photography professional might be the best solution for you if you are not inclined or lack the time, in addition, the investment will provide you with the best returns. Either way, if you decided to give photography a try or hire someone, your professional-looking photos will undoubtedly power up listings.

Have you seen a difference in your sales since hiring a CRE photographer? Highlight your new images on your Spacelist listings.