Having a personal brand is becoming standard for many industries. In this digital age, branding means your image, mission, values and vision are all aligned – online. As the world becomes more and more centred on technology, the aspect of personal branding in business is less negotiable and more essential to invest in. Get ahead of the CRE personal branding curve! Start building your brand now and then recognition will follow. We’ve put together a list of 6 reasons to invest in your personal brand:

1. Your audience is online

Building a personal brand is becoming as important as having an email address. It is how potential customers will find and recognize you. This has been compounded by the pandemic. Industries that relied on in-person interactions had to pivot abruptly and establish themselves online. Thankfully, our world was prepped for this. With smartphones, you can be anywhere with your potential clients. You can be one Google search away from anything, or anyone. According to Entrepreneur.com, “Sales reps who use social media as part of their sales techniques outsell 78 percent of their peers”. With people of all ages and walks of life relying on the internet for most things now, you can’t afford to not establish a digital personal brand. 

2. Build clout, credibility and brand recognition

Having a personal brand not only builds recognition but also allows you to share your successes and industry prowess with a broad audience. This type of promotion is invaluable and yet costs next to nothing. Establishing your name and brand takes a little, consistent effort and will be vital as you grow with the industry.

Pro Tip: It can take as many as six impressions before someone will remember your brand. So it makes sense to experiment with where and when you promote yourself.

3. Instantaneous information

This goes back to number one. We live in a digital age where instant gratification rules. Your potential customers are searching for you and if you aren’t where they are, then you will undoubtedly miss out. Building a recognizable brand will assist your potential clients in their search for you and help to make you available for opportunities.

4. Your competitors are doing it

Building your personal brand will help you to outstretch your competitors. It will grow your audiences and as a result, grow your business. Take advantage of the endless possibilities with online marketing and build your audience of potential clients. As a result, your business will flourish. Spacelist helps facilitate this when you use Engine or become a Pro user (which earns top search ranking).

5. Track your investment progress

When you take your brand online you have access to invaluable data to assist you in your business development. With resources like Google Analytics, or the metrics provided by platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you can see when your content is working and when it’s not. When you become a student of your marketing efforts you become adept at staying ahead of the curve. So, don’t stop learning and continue to invest in your personal brand!

6. Invest in your personal brand for big payoffs!

Any effort is better than no effort, and it’s a great place to start. Gain a little momentum on a platform you feel comfortable with. If you are unsure about a tool like Instagram, for example, there are great free courses on websites like Coursera, or Udemy. They will walk you through beginning to engage your audience. 

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