This week we have a fantastic new syndication partner to announce and a highlight on how to benefit from Qualified Leads. Buildout, a leading real estate marketing platform, can now sync listings directly to Spacelist, saving a lot of time and offering free exposure to Spacelist’s tens of thousands of monthly visitors. Pro users on Spacelist get access to Qualified Leads, which provides a great opportunity to streamline the due diligence process on new leads.

Buildout Syndication

With this integration, Buildout users can sync listings directly to Spacelist. Not only does this save time, but it also offers the tens of thousands of tenants access to more available space in the market.

Qualified Leads

Pro’s can access all the information we collect on prospective tenants businesses and space needs. Details about their type of business, why they are looking for space, as well as how much space they need, their budget, company size and much more.


Syndication Partners + Data Sharing Initiative

With all the new integration partners we’ve been announcing, we wanted to share some additional great news – any firm that syncs listings to Spacelist via a syndication partner is eligible to receive active listing reports from our Data Sharing Initiative! Whether it’s direct from your internal listing platform or a partner like Buildout, we want to offer access to the most accurate and up-to-date market data – for free!