Start the new off year strong by optimizing your listings! 

Whether you have a single listing or a few hundred, optimizing your listings will ensure you get the best exposure and maximize conversion for all the eyeballs your listing receives. Below are some tips we suggest reviewing (and implementing) to help 2020 be an amazing year for you!


High-quality, vibrant and sharp photos are a must. We recommend using 4:3 aspect ratio photos, as they are best suited for listing sites and work well on any type of device. While you want to focus on showcasing what your space has to offer, it’s valuable to include photos of the exterior of your building as well. We strongly recommend at least 5 photos of your space, ideally having 8-10 photos to offer details of what your listing has to offer. 

Brochures & Floorplans

Brochures are primarily created in PDF format and are intended to be downloaded and shared as opposed to viewed online. Their design should cater to being a shared asset and file size should be optimized to be downloaded as quickly as possible. If you’re using Buildout to create your marketing documents, this optimization is already done for you!

With more and more clients browsing on smartphones, it’s important to consider how these documents are seen on those devices. Viewing PDF brochures on smartphones require zooming/panning which leads to a poor user experience. Floorplans should also be easy to read and clearly identify all important features, amenities, and dimensions. 


Commercial property listings usually leave a lot to be desired with their descriptions. We suggest taking the ‘short and sweet’ approach, focusing on what differentiates the space/building from others. If applicable, both the space and building should each have their own descriptions. Also, to avoid duplicate content, try to exclude anything that may already be in the highlights or amenity list. 

Amenities and Additional Details

It’s all in the details….and in this case the more, the better! As many details as possible for the available space(s) and/or building should be included to provide a prospect as much information they may want or need to know. Create less work for yourself by having the listing answer common questions for prospects and help qualify leads before they contact you. 

If you follow the guidelines above you should be in a great position to leverage the lead generation and management tools Spacelist has to offer.

For further assistance with optimizing your listings, contact Spacelist’s client success team at