Technology is advancing quickly and new tools are becoming available all the time that can transform the way you run your commercial real estate business. From cloud-based solutions for managing your prospects to digital marketing tools, we’ve compiled a list of our top tech tools for commercial real estate pros that you need in 2022 to make an impact. 

Tech Tool Pro Tip:

Many companies offer freemium versions of their software. This means you can test out the tech before committing to it and allow you a no-obligation trial. 


A customer relationship management system is essential. In 2022, it is unfathomable to house contact records in anything else much less paper form. This not only presents an inefficient logistical problem when sending emails but also is subject to theft, fire, flood and a Filofax can be mistaken for a dog toy. Avoid one of these fates by moving your contact information to a digital service. This solution not only allows you to access contact information in a few clicks but also will drastically increase your efficiency which means a better client experience and faster deals. 

Test out cloud-based solutions like Hubspot,, or Keap for your CRM tools. Many saas (software as a service) companies will offer step-by-step training to make sure you are comfortable with their tech. 

Listing Marketing

Your online listings are your digital calling cards. They showcase your business and provide potential clients with a taste of what it’s like to work with you. That is why using the right listing marketing platforms like Spacelist is essential. For instance, look for tools that allow you to easily link your listings to your website (this will maximize lead gen capabilities of your site), have substantial organic traffic, and allow you to continuously generate new prospects.

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Deal Management

A digital deal management system means quicker negotiations and faster deals. Beyond the deal efficiency, deal management systems allow you to have one source of truth. This is becoming increasingly important in this digital age. It can also eliminate internal confusion. Tools like Propdocs give you control over your CRE deals in one place. Save time, make more money and increase your efficiency by having one source of truth. As a result, your business will become more organized and streamlined!

Social Media

When used correctly, social media platforms such as Instagram can be one of your most powerful promotional tools for your business. Brokers are providing valuable information on their new listings and availing themselves of the power of social media’s search functionality. As more and more people are joining the ranks of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it is becoming increasingly important to build a name for yourself on these platforms. So, all it takes is a few minutes a day to create content your potential clients will see.

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These are our tech tools for commercial real estate pros, but there are countless others out there. What would you add to this list?

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