This month, we are delighted to have Sebastien Duval write about the four perspectives to change how you do business. Sébastien is a professional commercial real estate advisor with over 10 years of industry-leading service to landlords, investors and occupiers in all commercial real estate sectors across New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Over the past 11 years as a commercial real estate broker, I have earned my income strictly from commissions. As a result, I have needed to be 100% accountable for how I spend my time. This due diligence has given me tremendous clarity around a simple yet bold statement: I am 4-dimensional. I see and approach my business from Four Different perspectives, and they all work together in harmony.

This approach to business has helped me better understand my area of expertise. It also supports and helps me to appreciate my efforts while becoming more strategic in how I do business. The Four Dimensions (or facets) offer a structure to my thinking in the business world that has helped me dig deeper into my profession with intention. 

Four Perspectives to Change How You Do Business

The Hustler 

If you are a commercial real estate broker in today’s marketplace, you are probably “hustling.” And if you are in the first five years of your career, you are definitely hustling! Good for you, but beware; the Hustler runs on a finite energy supply (although they may think otherwise while in the fast-past deal-making action). Left to their own devices, the Hustler will eventually burn out, become overwhelmed or – worse – lose perspective and purpose behind their reason for hustling in the first place. For this reason, the Hustler needs a Manager. 

The Manager 

Keeping a watchful eye on the Hustler’s activity, energy and results, the Manager perspective takes a step back from the grind. If you’re like me, the Manager is the most boring and perhaps even annoying of the dimensions because it’s the one that nudges me when the paperwork isn’t complete. Or when I haven’t worked on an older listing in favour of hustling to get new business. Yes, this gentle voice keeps the Hustler’s daily grind in check with some cohesiveness and self-care. 

The Entrepreneur 

A perspective that thinks more broadly in terms of objectives, performance markers and direction, the Entrepreneur works off a plan. Basically, their conversations are not limited to deals, paperwork and fees – they include branding, marketing, client service and satisfaction and, of course, market share. Think of the Entrepreneur as a mechanic who oversees the Hustler and Manager (the engine and transmission), to ensure they’re performing and moving toward the objectives. (and make it there in one piece!)

The Chief Vision Officer (CVO)

This perspective is my favourite because it sets the purpose, vision and game plan. The CVO establishes the mission behind the Four Dimensions. The CVO ensures that the Entrepreneur can create actionable “chunks” for the Manager to use as a beacon while keeping an eye on that renegade Hustler’s daily activities. The level of thinking here is far removed from the daily, monthly and even quarterly-driven conversations in which the other dimensions take part. The discussions at this level often include digging down into the WHY of the business (yes, you ARE a business) and the strategic objectives. 

Where are you planning on going in the next five to ten years? What do you want to achieve? 

If you’re part of a large firm, perhaps your vision is to become a high-level performer with your team and administration. If you work in a small boutique firm, then you may want to open another shop in a different city. Whatever the vision, it is essential to – at the very least – have one and ensure your other “perspectives” are in line with it.

Living a Passionate, Empowered Life

This concept isn’t a breakthrough in business psychology. It’s simply a paradigm shift way to see yourself as you progress through your days, months, quarters and years in commercial real estate. I wish for you to discover these different personas and have them work together to build a highly-effective business. Things change when you know what to do, when and how to do it, and why you are doing it. 

I’m passionate about this concept and pursuing my greatest power, purpose and potential. I also love to see others rise and discover their own. I’m always happy to chat one-on-one about these four perspectives to change how you do business. I love to help develop strategies to achieve one’s true potential.

As you get ready for the Holiday season and the start of a new year, be sure to remember the 3 R’s: Rest, Rejuvenate and Reflect. I wish you all Happy Holidays and massive success in 2023!



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