Your listings are your bread and butter. So spending a bit of time creating a perfect combination of images and words will ‘churn’ out some great results. Writing a listing that sells requires a little effort upfront, but that effort will pay off… (a lot like butter, actually!). 

How to write a listing that sells starts with…

A Great Headline:

Make sure your headline is attention-grabbing and clearly describes the property. An example could be “Prime office space in a central location with great amenities” 

Pro Images:

Ensure that the images are high quality. To achieve this, you want to get pictures that a bright enough and capture the best angles of the building. Consider getting a DSLR and a wide-angle lens to help you capture the best of your listing from various locations.
Pro Tip: Use a tripod and external light and check out this post on pro photography. 

Kick Ass Descriptions:

Servers often do something called romanticizing the menu. This is the process of describing the menu items in a way that makes their table’s mouth water. Brokers can do the same in their listing by telling the property in a way that paints a picture for the tenant. The listing isn’t just a space to simply write the property’s attributes; it’s an opportunity to illustrate the room and bring it to life while including the necessary info like property type, location, size, notable features and amenities and if it’s close to transportation. 

Don’t forget to include financial information as well.

Pro Tip: Double-check your listing info against a tool like Grammarly to ensure it’s free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Accurate Contact Information:

Include your information and make it easy for potential buyers to connect with you. 

A Powerful Platform:

Having a platform like Spacelist to help you manage your listings can be a game changer. You can control it all from one convenient location.

What tips and tricks have you used in your listings to help them sell?