The Five Rules of LinkedIn-ing

Rules for LinkedIn

As the co-founder of a full-service marketing agency, Bryant Hughes knows a thing or two about marketing on social media. Bryant’s company, Authentic Form and Function specializes in working with developers, architects and real estate professionals to maximize their marketing efforts. So we thought it’d be great to chat with him to get his five […]

4 Tech Tools For Commercial Real Estate Pros

Tech Tools for CRE pros

Technology is advancing quickly and new tools are becoming available all the time that can transform the way you run your commercial real estate business. From cloud-based solutions for managing your prospects to digital marketing tools, we’ve compiled a list of our top tech tools for commercial real estate pros that you need in 2022 […]

7 Best Practices For Your Listings

social media for digital branding

There is nothing worse than seeing listings with property photos that are dimly lit, poor quality, awkward angles, super cluttered or have only a few images, to begin with. These qualities will have diminishing returns and an effect that can be detrimental to the listing’s appeal. Using our industry knowledge and years of experience, we’ve […]